How to find your perfume

 Accompanying materials are arguably the most used essential oils and fragrances with their beneficial properties.


It blossoms and loosens, loosens our tactile framework, combats anxiety and irritation, and promotes calmness.Many people achieve their sense of perfection in a similar way.Pink Feminine and fleeting sentimental!


Strengthening and refining, lemon is perfect for masking sweaty scents. It also has stimulant properties, like all citrus fruits.


Orange is a prime stimulant that brings satisfaction and joy. Patchouli

Some people adore patchouli for its strength and power, but others just don't care. Especially recommended for combating life forms and skin pimples.


Strengthening and revitalizing, mint really controls fat and is great for those who suffer from heat and hot flashes.


A mix of stimulation and affection that gives us essence and radiance. It is also a good diuretic, relieves pain and stimulates brain activity. Iran Iran

An interesting oil with a fancy and feminine scent that makes use of the characteristics of Spanish fry.


This fragrance, which is widely used as a fragrance, is a scent of wood that makes you feel calm and dignified.


A citrusy and very striking fragrance that improves mental strength, obsession and memory.


This extraordinary and enchanting oil promotes tranquility, boosts self-esteem, fights stress and calms ailments.

How do you prepare? Once you have chosen the oil or key oil that will flavor the powder, mix the whole with the aggregate.

8 tablespoons of baby powder (48 g)

5 tablespoons of red clay (50g)

30 drops of base oil (maximum)


We will put it in a comfortable glass container. For example, you can choose a salt shaker and a pepper shaker.

scent every minute

If you like different scents but don't want to mix them, it's a good idea to place the small wholes in different containers with different scents.

Here's how to use scented powder for your everyday look.

Most stimulating to heat, more delicate on face and neck, and most invigorating after a few minutes.

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