Natural perfumed powders for the body

Natural aroma powder for the body

Since they are so easy to prepare, don't hesitate to make different fragrant powders for each occasion. So you can make the most of their assets.

This is a natural and homemade solution to fragrance your body, leaves skin soft and reflective, and these absorb moisture so you can apply them anytime with ease.

Discover these scented powders that will be part of your must-have cosmetic kit wherever you go.

Versatile powder

These delicious powders are ideal to have at home and as bag products. In addition to scented us, they are also an effective solution to apply on the body as a deodorant under the armpits or on the shoes and feet.

If our skin is oily or has a shimmer, we can also apply some of this powder on more problematic areas like the forehead and nose area.

Finally, if one day your hair is a bit dirty, or just the bangs, don't have time to wash it, you can apply a little of this powder on, apply it evenly to the shiniest parts and then comb it back with a comb.

Don't forget to use these powders during intimate moments with your partner or even after applying an overly greasy moisturizer.

What do we need? Neutral talcum powder:

Talc is the perfect substrate for these aromatic powders and is economically viable.

Red clay powder:

Red clay, in addition to its ability to absorb moisture very well and provide minerals to the skin, when mixed with talcum powder, it will make this powder pink and skin-like so that it is difficult to recognize.


The third ingredient will be a fragrant powder foundation. By choosing quality essential oils instead of synthetic ones, healing properties are also added to these aromatic powders.

For this reason, it is important to know the properties of oils to choose based on aroma and health benefits.

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