Sleep disorders Why can't women sleep?

Sleep disorders? Why Women Can't Sleep reveals some underlying issues, at some point, that women aren't aware of and that cause them to miss out on a huge opportunity to get a good night's sleep. Nearly 50% of American women over the age of 35 complain of not getting a good night's sleep.

As Dr Mehmet Oz has pointed out, rest problems become especially bad for women as they age. Many of us point to stress and other daily exercises; However, the most likely culprits that rob you of your sleep are your eating habits, the formation of a terrible dozing habit and, in addition, hormonal changes. Also, men while this focus is on women, your body will also react to some of these remaining criminals.

Most women in their 20s and 30s never have a problem with resting. however, as you enter your 30s to 40s (perimenopause and menopause), your tendency to sleep starts to change. The ovaries begin to slow down the production of estrogen and progesterone, the hormones that promote sleep.

“There is an organic reason for sleep disturbances and just being a woman is a factor,” said Dr. Hymn Ash, DO, medical director of the Sleep for Life Center in New Jersey. risk of sleep disturbance. The menstrual cycle and menopause both confuse typical resting patterns. Also, tragically, as we age, hormonal regulation causes problems with rest.

As noted by Newsweek's Barbara Kantrowitz, a large number of women suffer the ill effects of the hustle and bustle at different stages of their lives. In his paper, titled The Quest for Rest, published in April 2006, Kantrowitz said that, as reported by IMS Health, a pharmaceutical data and advisory organization, there were more than 2 billion dollars in sales of sleeping pills every year. One can only imagine how much this amount has grown since the current cash emergency.

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