Narito ang mga komento ng netizens:

Rendon never disappoints to disappoint us, periodt 😂

There's no point in trying to make a narcissist understand his mistakes because in his eyes, he does not have any.

Facts: The person who always seeing other mistakes and self centered are the true definition of "INSECURITY"

VERY IRRESPONSIBLE MINDSET. "Hindi ako natatakot." "Pag may mali, pupunahin ko talaga." "Pwede ka naman mag-apologize eh." See, the thing about "mistakes" and "apologies" is that you LEARN from them and vow never to do whatever wrong you have already done. You have to be remorseful and penitent. When you say you "apologize" afterwards, but I see you doing the same shit and now you're not even remorseful, then your "apology" actually doesn't mean anything. In this case, sir, your mistake is in being hasty and not assessing situations before commenting on them. You indeed "apologized" pero hanggang bibig lang because you still commit the same shit to others, and what's next? Mag-a-"apologize" ka lang ulit? Anong point eh may nasaktan ka na?
Sir, that's not an apology, that's you being irresponsible of the words you express. You're merely washing your hands of any responsibility for what you have said. Your words have no weight and you're only trying to escape the consequences of your actions.
Sir, that's the mistake you have to fix. Hindi ba sabi mo, pag may mali pupunahin mo talaga? How about you take some time off being self-righteous and do a little introspection. It is for your own good, sir, because otherwise, even the ones closest to you might eventually take you for granted dues to such a flippant mindset.
EDIT: Claro, di po to for you ha. Triggered lang talaga ako kasi I know someone with the same mindset. Nai-stress po talaga ako sa mga taong ganyan. They don't see the people around them, even their own children.

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