Asong 3 araw nawala, puro taga na ang katawan ng makita

QUEZON CITY | Isang aso ang nawala ng tatlong araw ng makita puro taga na.

Para sa buong detalye panoorin ang video sa ibaba:

Narito ang iba't ibang komento at reaksyon ng netizens:

I have two dog and I know how it felt to see your dog getting hurt without your conscience.
Everytime I see a dog that is dying in the street, I always cry it out like it really hurt thinking that all those Dogs doesn't have any owner or any mourner that are beside them, I often try to run away and avoid to see them hurting, because I could not do anything and I don't know what to do, by seeing a dog like that, and I always thinking that they may spread some sickness into my dogs if I tried to take them home and will ended up dying. It is sad that by thinking that every sick dog I encounter, I could not do anything or go check them in dog clinic because sometimes it is expensive and I don't have enough money so I tried to strengthen my heart but still it hurt to see some dog in pain due to some abusive people.

Praying for the speedy recovery of the dog.

Dog lover dn po ako I have two dogs puro po aspin cla pamilya n po Ang toring nman sa kanila naawa tlaga Ako sa doggie nya naiiyak din po ako kawawa nman get well soon baby!!!❤❤❤

Ayaw kong mag. Mura pero ang sakit tingnan. Justice for you doggie 🙏

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